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Letter to My Son | Monthly Personal Project

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I have recently joined up with an amazing group of moms to write monthly letters to our sons. Please join me (and them) every month as we document our lives and emotions towards our boys. A link to the next mom can be found at the end of my blog post.

It is my hope that when Trent (my son, for those of you who don’t know him) gets older, he will be able to look back on this time we had together and see things from my eyes, and hopefully catch a tiny glimpse into just how much I love him.

18 months have come and gone since you came into my world. how is it that you are already 1.5 years old?

I sit here writing as you take your nap, today you fought me on it which is rare. Normally you are a great little sleeper (just like your momma).

You make mommy and daddy so proud each and every day. Daddy is very busy at work right now and sometimes you have to go a few days without seeing him, its hard on all of us, but when I bring you to visit him at work I always get a text message from him after we leave saying I’m so proud to be his daddy. It always makes me teary.

You are such a happy fun loving little boy. you love your puppies, and call them your babies. You share with everyone and everything, and you love water more than life itself.

Since the weather has finally become warm we spend each and every day outside for probably what is more hours than we should. You dance to country music and Michael Jackson. You fill my heart with joy.

When I think of your sibling, who is due to arrive in September, I get bittersweet emotions. On one hand, I know you will be an amazing big brother, and you will love your new baby with everything in you, but it makes me sad to know our time as just the two of us is limited.

That being said, we will make the most of this summer ahead of us. we will live at the cottage, visit the zoo, play in the sand & water each and every day. we will snuggle and dance, and come September we will welcome your new brother or sister with big open arms.

you can wake up from your nap now baby, mommy’s waiting…Let’s go make some more memories.

Love Always,


Thanks for coming by, I hope you enjoyed my first Letter to Trent and I hope you come back again next month 🙂
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